Is It Time To Start That Startup Business? (pt4)

Why did you pick this business? The only business that will succeed is the one that will serve a purpose for others. What problem are you solving for your client? How does what you do help someone else? You must know why your business is important and be able to spit it out easily. By the way, that will become your elevator pitch, your thirty-second answer to the ever-popular question, “What do you do?” Practice it. Focus on the other guy If you are only concerned about you and what you want to accomplish, you are missing the point. Your clients want to be the center of your attention. They have that right! Focus on them, on their needs on their goals. If you help others, everything will fall into place for you, too. Besides, I think you’ll find it’s fun. Remember your passion If you’re not passionate about your product or service, quit. Quit now before you waste a lot of time and money on a failed enterprise. You must be on fire about what you do, in order to succeed day in and day out for years to come. When things get rough and you run into trouble, remember your passion. It will be what helps you turn things...

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Is It Time to Start That Startup Business? (pt 3)

Reach for the stars, but be realistic It is good to set goals that make you reach, cause you to stretch outside your comfort zone. Wimpy goals are boring and a waste of time. However, so are pie-in-the-sky aspirations. It’s fine to try to be like the leaders in your industry, but don’t plan to be where they are in one try. A first-time novelist should not expect a Harry Potter success. How is your credibility? One of your goals should be to build credibility among your target consumers. If you become the go-to guy or gal, trust me, the money will roll in. Work toward building your name in your industry, earn a stellar reputation and everything will fall into place. That might mean going above and beyond for a client to make sure they are not just happy, but ecstatic. Before you know it you’ll get referrals from all over. What are your values? I can always tell when someone will fail in a business. It’s when you ask him about his primary goals and he rambles on about money, yachts and vacations. That’s not a person who understands the entrepreneurial...

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