Is It Time To Start Up That Startup Business (pt1)

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Is It Time To Start Up That Startup Business? (pt1)

Most entrepreneurs can remember the moment the idea for their business was born. Perhaps they had been mulling over a concept for years, when suddenly something clicked one day and their dream became a reality. For me, my  career began when my first client called me out of the blue, having been referred to me by a friend. That was twenty-five years ago. You know that feeling, the elation you get when you hit upon that kernel of an idea for a new business. It’s amazing! Your adrenaline pumps and you see your whole future life flash before your eyes, like the Big Bang. Congratulations! That needs to be said. It is no small feat. The decision to start a business is only the first step of a valid business plan. Keep firm to your resolve. Doubts and advice from naysayers act like mold in a piece of fruit. Keep the concept fresh and vibrant, free from fungus. Let’s explore what comes next.

What is your core idea?Now it is time to take that inspirational kernel and flesh it out into a business plan. The burst of joy from the moment of creativity starts the momentum, now you must keep it going.

Write down your ideas If you’re anything like me, thoughts can come flooding at any moment. It’s easy to lose ideas if you don’t write them down. Don’t edit yourself, just jot down everything that comes to mind. No concept is too silly. Remember no one else needs to look at your idea notebook. others in your chosen industry and interview them Most successful business people love to help fellow entrepreneurs. They are rarely worried about competition. (If they are, move on. They probably aren’t as successful as you think.) Invite them out to lunch and talk to them, ask questions and listen. Find out what roadblocks they encountered. What would they do differently today if they could? Which activities worked best?



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